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How To Remove Dead Insects From Columbus, OH Replacement Windows

If you have recently purchased Columbus, OH replacement windows, you want to make sure they look great and stay clean. One of the things that can make your windows look dirty are dead bugs. Bugs can fly into windows and get stuck on them. When they die they can harden on them and be hard to rinse or clean off. The longer they stay on the windows, the worse the stain will become. If you need help cleaning dead bugs off your windows, consider some of these tips.


Vinegar is a great cleaning solution and it’s natural. It is gentle enough to use on your windows but strong enough to remove the bugs from your windows. The vinegar can break down the bugs and any residue left on the window. This makes it easier to wipe clean. Vinegar is also unlikely to leave streaks or marks on your windows. You can use it alone or you can rinse the windows after you clean off the bugs with the vinegar. If you are worried about the smell of the vinegar, don’t worry. It will go away as the vinegar dissolves. You can use it on the inside and outside of the windows.


If you can’t get the bugs to come off your new windows with cleaner and a cloth, you may want to try using a squeegee to scrape the bugs from the window. Squeegees work great because they can get underneath the bugs and dirt and pry them loose from the window. They are also soft enough that they won’t cause any serious harm to the windows or scratch them. You can spray a cleaner or water on the window before you scrape them with the squeegee and then rinse them again after.

Baking Soda

Add a little baking soda to your water or cleaning solution to get a little bit of grit and texture that can help remove the dead bugs from your window. The baking soda won’t scratch your windows but it will help pull up the bug and slime that are stuck to them. You can apply it with a soft brush or a rag and then rinse with plain water when you are finished. This will ensure that the windows are clear and clean so you can see in and out of them easily.

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If you are looking for a way to keep your windows clean and are struggling to get the bugs off them, you may want to keep the above suggestions in mind. If you need to order Columbus, OH replacement windows, be sure to check out the selection at Columbus Windows and Siding Company. We have a lot of different windows to choose from and you can choose the ones that look the best in your home and that best meet your needs. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our windows and services.